What is a Revshare?

What is a revshare

What is RevShare?

There are several multiple versions of a revshare or “revenue sharing”. For instance, revenue sharing is mostly used as an incentive program by businesses who pay their associates or partners a reward based on a agreed percentage for referring prospects who convert into clients.

In other cases, revenue sharing is utilized to disperse profits connected to a business alliance. Revenue sharing in relation to internet marketing, is extremely popular today. In this revshare program example, the cost of advertising is based on the earnings generated, resulting from the advertisement itself.

A growing number of internet marketers and entrepreneurs are now looking into a variety of revshare possibilities to earn extra cash. If you do your research and find the right program, you can actually make a significant amount of money with minimum effort with rev sharing programs.

Example:  You buy one share. Cost $10. You get credits to promote your business (usually ad banner credits) and this share expires at a fixed percentage. In most of the cases this is 120% which would mean this ad share/ad pack would expire when it has earned its owner $12.

Members are usually required to Surf (or view) a 6 to 10 ads (set up by other members) every day to continue to earn from the revshare/revenue share.

What is a revshare program that is popular and trustworthy?

Best Revshares 2017

Check our articles about each program to get more information about earning money online with RevShare programs.

We only list RevShares that we fully trust and have personal experience with. There are a lot of RevShares around. If you find one that we have not listed and you are not sure if it is trustworthy, feel free to contact us and we will have a look at it. We hope you enjoyed our “What is a Revshare” blog.



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