TheAdsTeam Review

TheAdsTeam Review

TheAdsTeam Review 2017

TheAdsTeam  is an Online Revshare and it is doing amazing with already 10 000+ members registered within 10 days after the official launch. The AdsTeam was launched on 15th of October 2016. It has a decent pay plan which shares revenue up to 120%.

Launch Date:2016 / October 15
Daily Earnings:2 - 2.5%
Risk: Low / Mid / High:Mid Risk
Trust Score 1-10:7.5/10
Adpacks: $10 = Adpack Plan One $25 = Adpack Plan Two $50 = Adpack Plan Tree
Referral Commissions:Level 1 ( 8%) Level 2 ( 2%) Level 3 ( 1%) Level 4 ( 1%) Level 5 ( 1%)
Required:10 Ads daily
Payments Accepted:EUR/USD/BTC

Earnings – TheAdsTeam Review

The earning are capped at 2% daily on $50 packs (a bit more on $10 and $25 packs). The website is running smoothly and you can start surfing your 10 ads anytime during the day (+/- 30 seconds per ad).

The compensation plan includes referral commissions on 5 levels : 8% / 2% / 1% / 1% / 1%. You need to have at least 1 active pack in order to earn from your referrals. You can’t withdraw your ref comms, you have to purchase packs with them for stability purpose. You can transfer your commissions to any balance (Payeer or Coinbase for instance). Happy earnings everyone and cheers to the owners we have a promising business here.

Cons – TheAdsTeam Review

  • AdPack Plans are starting from a minimum off $10. This may discourage small investors who are getting into RevShares with a small buy-in.
  • Owners are not Professional RevShare Players. So initially they have to go through a small learning curve. There’s a bit of a chance to see some hiccups during the initial stages of this program.

Pros – The AdsTeam Review

  • Very simple AdPack plans with no crazy promises.
    $50 AdPack which shares revenue up to 120% can last for a few years.
  • Strong Affiliate Partnerships with well known online brands.
  • The owners of TheAdsTeam are coming from a strong Network Marketing background, I expect some new leaders and fresh capital to flow in to the Advertising RevShare Industry with this venture. It’s a really good thing!
  • Every Day is a Pay Day. We can receive payouts 7 days a Week! ?
  • Sales Commissions paid for 5 Levels deep. We can earn 8% from our Direct Referrals and 2%, 1%, 1% and 1% till the 5th Level.

Some More Tips :

  • Add Funds with Bitcoins. It’ll save you a lot of money.
  • Go for $50 Packs with your first Buy in. Then buy $10, $25 Packs with your daily received earnings.
  • Try to become a Gold Member (200 AdPacks and 20 Direct Referrals) as soon as possible to get qualified for earnings from the Leadership Pool.
  • Download our TheAdsTeam Calculator here

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Conclusion about our TheAdsTeam Review:

I believe this should give you a nice overview about TheAdsTeam. Feel free to share your thoughts, questions or testimonial below!

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