Revshare Scam List – 2017

Revshare scam list

Revshare Scam List

In this revshare scam list we will include all the revshares that have scammed in the past:

  • Adcrump
  • 1Pack
  • hqrevshare
  • UltimateRevShare
  • ClikDelivery
  • RIOAdshare
  • Freedom5
  • topshareglobal
  • revshareinstant
  • myadstory
  • 2point4daily
  • VenturePlugTraffic
  • Fundslead
  • TrafficPowerline
  • Passive Volution
  • Trafficwavesurfing
  • Myadvertisingpays
  • Myrevchase
  • Viraladpays
  • PassivePayreport
  • Boostrevshare
  • Swissadpays
  • ChekListing
  • TheTrafficIncome
  • LikesXL
  • FortadPays
  • Double Dare Revenue
  • TrafficWaveSurfing
  • My Zoom Ads
  • Phoenix Revshare
  •  Revshare Forever

Revshare scam list – Conclusion

The problem is that a lot of revshares/revenue-shares are heavily depending on recruiting other people because the money generated is from the actual investments made by affiliates. In most cases there is no provable outside source of income.

If you are looking for a online program that has already proven itself as legit with multiple income streams.
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Feel free to share your thoughts, questions or testimonial below! 

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