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MyPayingCryptoAds Review 2017 – Intro

This MyPayingCryptoAds review 2017 will help you to discover more about the revshare and its owner. The Website was launched on the 29th of October 2016.  The owner of My Paying Crypto Ads is Uday Nara’s second Revshare program after his success with My Paying Ads (till date going strong). Transparency and Honesty of the owner / admins of the program is all that enabled MPA to be an online success till this date.

MyPayingCryptoAdsReview 2017
Launch Date:October/2016
Membership:FREE (0-100 adpacks)
Daily Earnings:+/- 2%
Risk: Low / Mid / HighLow Risk
Trust Score 1-10: 8,5
Adpacks0.01/0.03/0.05/0.1 BTC
Referral Commissions:Level 1 ( 6%)
Required:10 Ads daily
Payments Accepted:BTC Only! (see our Coinbase review)

MyPayingCryptoAds review 2017 should help you to fulfill the following tasks:

1) Do your due diligence about the program.
And decide, by yourself, whether MyPayingCryptoAds is a scam or legitimate opportunity.

2) Setup your MyPayingCryptoAds account and establish an efficient MyPayingCryptoAds strategy.

MyPayingCryptoAds Review 2017 – How does it work?

MyPayingCryptoAds is an advertising and revshare (click revshare to learn more about revshares) company that sells “Adpacks”. MyPayingCryptoAds generates a profit through the sales of many different advertising services and shares a part of this profit with their “active” members.


MyPayingCryptoAds Earning Disclaimer

Adpack Overview of MyPayingCryptoAds:

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MyPayingCryptoAds Review 2017 – Products

MyPayingCryptoAds Services

The advertising services provided by MPCA are really similar to those from the sister site, the biggest difference is that in MyPayingCryptoAds everything is payed and paid out in Bitcoin.

  • Traffic Exchange Views
    Every member who wants to receive hourly Revenue Sharing accruals, must surf at least 10 ads  in order to keep his AdPacks in the active state.
  • Login Ads
    Whenever a member logs into his account, he will see one of the Login Ads!
  • Withdrawal Ads
    These ads must be seen by anybody willing to request a withdrawal from this program. Therefore, you, as an advertiser, have a chance of reaching out to the people who have got the money that they can spend on another product or service.
  • Cashlink Advertisements
    These ads are similar to the PTC ads: advertisers pay a certain price for each visitor they receive.
  • Banner Ads
    You are free to choose either a rotating or a static Banner Ad Package, offered in three different sizes: 125×125, 468×60, 728×90!
  • Text Ads
    These ads are offered in rotating and static packages, as well.
  • PPC Banners
    Buying this service, you’ll be receiving an unlimited number of banner impressions until a certain amount of people click on it!

MyPayingCryptoAds Review 2017- create an online wallet for your Bitcoins

MyPayingCryptoAds only accepts Bitcoins.
If you are willing to purchase an advertising service, you will need to 1) create (or use) your online bitcoin wallet, and 2), buy bitcoins or exchange another currency into bitcoins.

MyPayingCryptoAds review 2017 - coinbase banner

Get started with coinbase following these 3 easy steps::

1. Create your Coinbase account:

This first step is to sign up for a Coinbase account. This will give you a secure place to store your bitcoin at the most popular online bitcoin wallet, and easy methods to convert your local currency into or out of bitcoin.

2. Connect Your Bank Account to Coinbase:

After you signing up, connect your bank account or credit card. You’ll need to complete verification steps before you are able to use your account. Once the verification steps are complete, you can start purchasing Bitcoins.

3. Buy and Sell Bitcoin:

After your first purchase, Coinbase will complete your buy and deliver your bitcoins. The price of bitcoin changes over time, so they will show you the current value before you buy.

Check our Blog: How To Buy Your First Bitcoins

MyPayingCryptoAds: a (bitcoin) Revenue Sharing Company

MyPayingCryptoAds Ad-Pack Plan 1:
Cost of AdPack: 0.01 BTC
Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 5,000
Revenue Sharing Rewards: Up to 120%
No-Repurchase rule
Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100
For this plan, Membership is not required.

MyPayingCryptoAds Ad-Pack Plan 2:
Cost of AdPack: 0.03 BTC
Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 10,000
Revenue Sharing Rewards: Up to 120%
No-Repurchase rule
Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100
To purchase this plan,
You need to purchase Coin Explorer monthly membership. The cost would be 0.02 BTC.

MyPayingCryptoAds Ad-Pack Plan 3:
Cost of AdPack: 0.05 BTC
Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 25,000
Revenue Sharing Rewards : Up to 120%
No-Repurchase rule
Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100
To purchase this plan,
You need to purchase Coin Professional monthly membership. The cost would be 0.05 BTC.

MyPayingCryptoAds Ad-Pack Plan 4:
Cost of AdPack: 0.10 BTC
Banner Credits: 20
Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 50,000
Revenue Sharing Rewards: Up to 120%
No-Repurchase rule
Maximum active adpacks one can have: 1000
To purchase this plan,
You need to purchase Coin Elite monthly membership. The cost would be 0.10 BTC.

 P.s. the revenue being shared is totally up to to the ability of the company to generate advertising sales. 

MyPayingCryptoAds Review 2017 – Withdrawals

You can withdraw your referral commissions, but you need to have at least 10 active adpacks to do this.
Also, you need at least 0.01 BTC to request a withdrawal (minimum withdrawal) and the adpack earning withdrawals limit is 1.0 BTC (maximum withdrawal).

MyPayingCryptoAds Review 2017 – F.A.Q.

  •  “You can only create an account using Gmail account

Use a Gmail address to register. If you don’t have one, you can create a Gmail account for free.

  •  “Password must contain at least 1 non-alphanumeric character

Make sure that your password includes a non-alphanumeric character, for example, “!“ or “#”.

MyPayingCryptoAds Review 2017- Conclusion

The sister website, MyPayingAdshas a community of over 240.000 members and it keeps increasing daily.  They have a history of over 18 months where they provided the services and  withdrawal requests in time. How do you think the bitcoin version, MyPayingCryptoAds, will evolve in the near future? Will Uday manage to grow a large member base like he did with the sister website?

mypayingcryptoads review 2017 - banner

I believe this should give you a nice overview about MyPayingCryptoAds. Feel free to share your thoughts, questions or testimonial below!

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