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NXC/Beyond the Void Intro

Beyond the Void was created by Maxence Burgel, it is a RTS (Real Time Strategy) video game powered by blockchain technology. In Beyond the void, 2 players fight against each other in a space battlefield galaxy.  It is a Free-to-play game with a lot of competitive features. The game is build in a multiplayer online battle arena just like LOL also known as League of Legends.The platform is based on Nexium game tokens that are build on the Ethereum blockchain technology. This allows players and developers to own a stake of the game, this way Beyond the Void offers their investors and players to own the game platform itself.

“Beta launch on 22-02-2017!”
Check Beyond the Void twitter for more info: https://twitter.com/BeyondVoidGame

What makes Beyond the void special?

Beyond the Void aims to become the first real-time strategy (RTS)  game to combine blockchain technology based on a ICO with a blockchain token economy. The NxC (Nexium) tokens are backed by a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

Beyond The Void Media

Because of their unique concept they are already covered on forbes 2 times. Another important thing to mention is that they were represented on 2 major events:  Money2020 and BitAngels CoinAgenda.

What is the P2p part of Beyond the void?

The game will have their marketplace/shop. Players can sell or buy in-game items here. |
Some examples of these items are:
– Avatars – Custom art for your profile picture
– Skins – Change the skin of your mothership
– Boosters – Increase your points at the end of a game
– Titles – Add custom a title on the beginning or end of your nickname
– Event Cards – Add a strategic in-game event

Beyond the void Info

If you want to know more about this unique project please check out these links:
Official Website
Official Twitter
Official Facebook Page
Official game Forum

Beyond the void Conclusion

We are a big fan of the Beyond the void concept and can’t wait for its official release. Not only do we want to play the game as soon as possible, we also are long-term holders of the NXC tokens. We are excited! Are you?


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