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Welcome to our Best HYIP 2017 Blog. Since a lot of our members are interested in HYIP’s (High Yield Investment Programs) we have created this blog. The HYIP”s these days are considered very attractive, smooth with high class
security and a nice background story.

If you are more interested in revshares, then please check out our best revshares 2017 blog!Best HYIP 2017 - Money online

In the early 2000’s, the internet became very popular and so did HYIP programs. Most of the times these HYIP’s offer you a high return on a daily base. (1-4% daily). Since it is very hard to pick the best paying HYIP’s, we made this Best HYIPS 2017 Monitor-blog. This blog will be updated monthly and we will make sure to minimize your risk by doing a lot of research and staying on top of our online money game!

What you can expect from us are good instructions, monthly updates and of course great guidance as a sponsor!

With over 4 years of experience in HYIP’s we feel very confident that we can provide you with the best HYIP’s at this particular moment. Since picking a good HYIP can be very difficult there is never a guarantee, but we can guarantee you that we will provide you with the best information and guidance possible!

Our Programs – Best HYIP 2017

Banana Fund

If you are familiar with the HYIP/Revshare or online earning industry, then you probably came across some of the
projects created or managed by Richard Matthew O’Neill.

Every business that he created in the past was full of unique features, his past Best HYIP 2017 - Bananafund logoprojects have the habit of making some of the early investors incomes of over $5,000+, $10,000+ or even $100.000! THis is the main reason why we are so thrilled when Richard started working on a 100% legit and transparent business-model called “Banana Fund”!

The basics of “Banana Fund” are simple, if you have a business idea for an online program… Then you can introduce your idea to them and they will manage and code your project. In return they will only take 3% of your business and the 3% profit will be shared among members who have bought shares of the project.

The best part is that you can buy shares of any connected company or project by a internal trading platform of “banana Fund”. These shares can be sold our bought at any particular moment.

Because richard is the brain and face behind “Banana Fund” we can expect the site become a real big opportunity. Even in pre-launch “banana Fund” already had over 10.000 verified users! Not even to mention that it already has over 670 BTC on deposits!


Not everyone is going to agree that Dascoin is in our HYIP section. In our eyes Dascoin is the real definition of a HYIP (High-Yield-Investment-Program). It is a cryptocurrency with a MLM/Network marketing structure.

To make it easy, DasCoin is a hybrid cryptocurrency created to provide the members of its network with important features as security, transparency,  simplicity, stability and scalability!

best HYIP 2017 Dascoin licensesDascoin is a combination of Bitcoin and Onecoin, they combine the best of both. It is not available for public trading yet. To participate in Dascoin you have to purchase a Dascoin License on their NetLeaders.com website. A license can be purchased by Bitcoins or Bankwire. These licenses are available from €100 up to €25000.

In december 2016 we have purchased a €500 license and are now waiting for a price increase in 2017. Warning: If you are looking for quick profit this is not the program for you! If you are here for the long run then Dascoin can be very interesting. Invest, sit back and relax. Imagine if the price would do the same as Bitcoin does €0.10-€950+ in just a few years!

How to minimize your risks with HYIP’s

There are a lot of things to look at if you want to join a HYIP program. Here are some things that you should look at when choosing a program. If you participated in a HYIP in the past then you probably most of these risk-factors. Keep reading anyway!

  • HYIP Memberships –  As soon as new members stop joining a HYIP, they will most likely collapse within a short amount of time. Always keep track off the membership rate! Another useful tools is Alexa ranking, here you can see the monthly traffic and other details about the popularity of a website.
    As an example, here you can see the traffic of Dascoin:
    Best HYIP 2017 - dascoin alexa
  • HYIP Admin – Always do a background check about the HYIP owner(s). Are they capable of running a HYIP and what are they aiming for? Some programs are started by admins that have scammed in the past at the top of the website’s popularity, don’t become part of these programs! A good admin will almost always have a facebook page and never hide their identity.
  • HYIP Script – If a HYIP is using a very basic script with no nice features or any modifications then you should not get involved in it. There are a lot of HYIP admins that have zero to no knowledge but still want to start their own HYIP. These admins will most likely struggle to get their program popular and well known.

Additional tips:

Don’t keep repurchasing – Compound/repurchase for a couple of months, get your seedmoney out and continue with your profits.
Never borrow money – Only invest money that you can afford to lose. Just like anything in life, you never know what is going to happen. Even the banks can not be trusted these days!
Watch out for big promises – If a program promises you high profits like 800% in a week, it is most likely going to fail very soon!
Don’t wait to long – If you think a HYIP is worth making an investment, don;t wait to long. As the biggest profits can me made in the beginning of a HYIP program. (keep checking our blog)

How to invest in HYIP’s – Best HYIP 2017

You have searched the internet, read our Best HYIP 2017 blog, now what….
Here is our advice, never put your money in one basket! We can’t say this enough: spread your risk and do your own research! When a program scams or fails, then you always have another one as a backup that brings you profit.

Since HYIP’s can be a risky business we keep this blog updated with PROGRAMS THAT WE FIND THE SAFEST.
You are always free to invest in a program that you found in another HYIP monitor or facebook page, at your own risk of course.

Final words – Best HYIP 2017

We only list HYIP’S that we fully trust and have personal experience with. There are a lot of HYIP’S around. If you find one that we have not listed and you are not sure if it is trustworthy, feel free to contact us and we will have a look at it. We hope you enjoyed our “BEST HYIP 2017” blog.

Feel free to share your thoughts, questions or testimonial below! 
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  1. Nice job guys I really appreciate the good job you guys did with the review.
    Can you please help check and advice on gtnairazone?
    I ll appreciate your feedback.

  2. Can you please check the credibility of newagebank or please give us a review if it is legit or scam. For now it is really paying. Thank you.

  3. Hello, thank you for the insight. I want you to check the credibility of Kingways, Palmills, Zinc7 and Rainbow

    • For now these programs are very new and they don’t get a lot of attention.
      I will definitely keep an eye on them, but it is to early to join or to have a recommendation.



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